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2007-2009: CHU Teh-Chun completes his final major work, the Sèvres vases 

October 2023

Invited by the Manufacture de Sèvres, CHU Teh-Chun began his work in winter 2007.

In 2009, he finished painting the last of the fifty-six vases of the project he had been working on for two years with the Manufacture de Sèvres.

As early as 2007, CHU Teh-Chun began the creation of a ceramic artwork. Invited by Sèvres, he painted on fifty-six vases. 

After various trials, he settled on a shape from the Manufacture’s heritage, the SR 22 vase created by Emile Decoeur in the 20th century, which has already inspired great artists such as the sculptor Arman. This was the start of a series of new and different designs. This series of creations, all created in the studio of one of the decorative painters, at a pace chosen by Chu, is a unique creative moment, very important in his work. 

He uses the emblematic shape of this vase as a blank page in volume, on which, restricting his palette to blue and pure 24-carat gold applied to the white porcelain and fixed by means of two successive firings, CHU Teh-chun has transposed his pictorial universe, extending it in this new form. The technique he adopted was to brush the cobalt blue directly onto the white background, like ink on paper, without any possibility of reworking or correction, thus continuing in a contemporary manner almost a thousand years of Chinese blue and white. 

The fifty-six vases were exceptionally presented in the Musée Guimet collections in 2011, and one vase is now on display in the museum’s collections.

Images © Fondation CHU Teh-Chun

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