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Tuesday 19 September – Screening of the Documentary Film “CHU Teh-Chun” at the Ecolint Arts Centre in Geneva

July 2023

To celebrate this new artistic season, the Foundation is pleased to announce a new screening of the documentary film “CHU Teh-Chun” on September the 19th. As part of our collaboration with Ecolint, this event will be held in the Arts Centre Auditorium.

Thanks to experts, the painter’s descendants and family archives, this 80-minute documentary sheds light on everything CHU Teh-Chun contributed to lyrical abstraction, highlighting the artist’s dexterity and multi-disciplinarity.

An invitation to a singular and poetic journey, to rediscover CHU’s pictorial symphonies.

This will also be an opportunity to share a pleasant moment over a drink before the screening, from 6pm, and to discover the Arts Centre’s brand new installation dedicated to CHU Teh-Chun.

The installation of a monumental 2 m x 2.5 m vitrophanic display, reproducing the details of one of the artist’s paintings, “Hiver joyeux”, oil on canvas, 1985, in the main hall of the Arts Centre.

Inauguration of the CHU Teh-Chun name plaque in front of the Black Room at the Arts Centre. 

The Black Room is designed as an experimental space where students can express their creativity. In 2021, the Foundation has used this space of artistic liberty to devise a project that will enable students and the general public to immerse themselves more deeply in the world of CHU Teh-Chun through an immersive experiment that puts the viewer at the centre of the experience. “We’re delighted with this inauguration,” says Yvon CHU, the artist’s youngest son, “the Black Room provides students with a real freedom of expression, a creative liberty that can be found in each of my father’s works. “

Through a four-year partnership, the CHU Teh-Chun Foundation and the Ecolint Arts Centre are promoting the values they hold dear: harmony between cultures, between man and nature; values that CHU Teh-Chun has never ceased to explore and express through his work.

Tuesday 19 September at 7 pm, additional information and reservation : Centre des arts

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