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Thursday, April 4 at 7 p.m. at the Artcurial bookstore, meet with Matthieu Poirier, the curator of the retrospective exhibition Chu Teh-Chun. In Nebula and the author of the new eponymic monograph published by ÉDITIONS Gallimard.

March 2024

Conversation with Matthieu Poirier, art historian and curator of the exhibition Chu Teh-Chun . In Nebula ( 20 April – 30 June, at  Fondazione Giorgio CINI, Venice). 

In the presence of Yvon CHU, Vice-President of the Foundation & Anne-Valérie Sceau, Director of the Foundation.

Round table
Thursday April – 7 pm

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Followed by a cocktail reception.

7 Rond-Point 
des Champs-Elysées Marcel Dassault 
75008, Paris

Monograph CHU Teh-Chun . In Nebula

Hors-série Connaissance, Editions Gallimard, format : 195 x 250, Pages : 240

EAN : 9782073057419

Preorder on our  onligne boutique 

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