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London premiere 28 October : screening of the documentary film “CHU Teh-Chun” at SOAS, University of London

October 2023

A new screening of the documentary film “CHU Teh-Chun” took place on Saturday 28 October, as part of the collaboration between Fondation CHU Teh-Chun and SOAS, on the occasion of the event: “Asian Art in London” – 19 October to 4 November 2023.

SOAS is part of the University of London and specialises in the study of art, social sciences, languages and law relating to Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This event was held at the school’s Brunei Theatre.

An opportunity for students and art lovers in London to share and exchange ideas with the artist’s family and SOAS teachers after the screening.

Images © Fondation CHU Teh-Chun

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