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Departmental Museum Of Asian Arts In Nice

December 2021

Until February 13th, the Departmental Museum of Asian Arts in Nice presents ” Les paysages de l’âme – Modern and Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting ” collective exhibition.

A first in France, ” Les paysages de l’âme ” highlights the artwork of eleven artists from China and Taiwan, produced between the 1960s and nowadays. These painters allow us to delve into the soul of nature, a source of beauty and spirituality, and into their relationship with it, through a visual language of their own. Fusing Chinese philosophy and aesthetic thought, which celebrate “the world’ contemplation beyond appearances”, with Western abstraction, they invite us on a spiritual journey where man and nature converge.

On this occasion, the CHU Teh-Chun Foundation is very pleased to exhibit an oil on canvas, entitled “Song of Joy”, dating back to 2006 (130 x 195 cm).

“The artist absorbs what he sees in nature and refines it in his mind. It is the power of the artist’s imagination, his sensitivity and inner persona that are revealed on the canvas. This is where the concepts of Chinese painting and abstract painting merge seamlessly.” CHU Teh-Chun

As in the tradition of Chinese painting, CHU Teh-Chun immerses himself in landscapes to deliver his own interpretation. Lyrical and poetic, his works draw their inspiration as much from the contemplation of the majesty of nature as from the poetry and classical music.

CHU Teh-Chun is a master at seeing the multiple facets of the landscape, its depth, its changing lights and its infinite palette of colours.

The work “Song of Joy” is one of the paintings from the artist’s last period and was created in 2006. Its warm colours, reminiscent of the sunset, underline CHU Teh-Chun’s diverse palette and talent as a colourist.

His paintings of the 2000s reflect the artist’s achievement in perfectly merging his two cultures into a universal language and combining his emotions with the representation of the landscape.

The painting’s title “Song of Joy” conveys both his musical inspirations and the artist’s serene state of mind at the end of his career.

The documentary film “CHU Teh-Chun” (80 min) will be screened on Saturday 22nd of January at 6pm, at the Belmondo cinema in Nice. A conference on the life and work of the artist will be given after the screening.

A conference will be given on the 22nd of January.

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