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Collaboration with Shang Xia

June 2021

SHANG XIA is pleased to present a collection of Chu Teh Chun’s abstract ink paintings, as well as a new series combining outstanding details and works of art interpreted into a variety of classic accessories such as moon handbags, silk scarves and cashmere scarves.

This series pays tribute to the thoughts and artistic achievements of the contemporary art master and the first lifelong Chinese academician of the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. Known as the “abstract poet and painter of the East”, Chu Teh Chun’s ink paintings combine Chinese aesthetics and Western abstract art, while SHANG XIA similarly combines the core of oriental aesthetics and the vision of international design. Both break through boundaries and provoke inspiration across time and space. Through this collaboration, the exhibition launches a meaningful dialogue between art and design.

Forming the dynamics of space and light with touching colors and unconstrained brushes, CHU Teh Chun’s artworks inspired new perspectives for SHANG XIA’s exploration of tradition and modernity, practicality and artistic in design and aesthetics. The artist’s profound ink artworks are combined with the plump shape and smooth outline of SHANG XIA’s symbolic “Lan Yue” handbags to present three artist-collaboration designs. SHANG XIA uses layers of silk and Su Xiu, a type of traditional Chinese hand embroidery technique, to reproduce the delicate effects of ink paintings and embody the transparency and profound atmosphere in CHU’s works. The back of the handbag uses imported nubuck, leather and silk to give a special touch to this limited edition, while interpreting the artist’s poetic art with minimalism and pure contemporary design. SHANG XIA further extracts its iconic brand elements including bamboo braided pattern and tortoiseshell pattern to blend into the decorative scarves and cashmere scarves. This collection integrates the artist’s personal stories with daily goods with everchanging ink colors and the representation of layers and details, showcasing the overflow of a disposition of free spirits.

From now until June 30, 2021, SHANG XIA and Fondation Chu Teh Chun will hold a special exhibition of Chu Teh Chun’s works on the third floor of Maison SHANG XIA in Shanghai, carefully presenting several works by the artist that inspired this collaboration. This group of impressive ink paintings invite visitors to explore and experience the artist’s reinterpretation of Eastern beauty and Western abstract art, starting a poetic journey with SHANG XIA.

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