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A new partnership to support up-and-coming young artists

April 2021

Synergy and common values

Driven by his creative passion, CHU Teh-Chun strove to achieve technical mastery of both Western painting and Chinese art, finally reaching his goal in the later years of his life. Through the years, his dedication resulted in an immense, remarkable and poetic body of work, and today it’s this same passion that leads Fondation CHU Teh-Chun to support young artists, inspiring and encouraging creative talent.

The International School of Geneva (ECOLINT) is the first international school ever created, founded in 1924 in Geneva by officials of the ILO (International Labour Organization) and the League of Nations (today’s United Nations). Today ECOLINT is the world’s most diverse educational community, with pupils of 140 nationalities and 80 mother tongues. Its vocation is peace education and the transmission of strong humanitarian values, including acceptance of others, respect and intercultural understanding – values which the foundation also holds dear.

ECOLINT has a very dynamic Arts Center, offering a wide range of cultural programmes including performances, workshops, conferences and artists in residence. It constitutes a genuine cultural platform for interdisciplinary communication and sharing in Geneva, accessible to a wide variety of audiences.

This new partnership between ECOLINT and our Fondation will result in numerous projects, including an immersive exhibition, prizes for young artists and more …

Discover the latest news from the Chu Teh-Chun Foundation in the podcast “Journey of the Arts Centre with Anne-Valérie Sceau”, produced by the Arts Centre of the International School of Geneva and moderator Manuel Fadat.

Find out more from June 2021 onwards.

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